One of my favorite and most rewarding parts of my job is helping customers choose colors. To many customers, this can seem like a painfully daunting task, others know exactly what they want and don't require my help.  Many have an idea ("I'd like the room to feel warm and cozy," or "I'd like the kitchen to be bright and sunny feeling, even though it gets very little sunlight.") or a have color in mind but don't know how to choose a specific color from the hundreds of shades and hues available. I'm here to help. With over 25 years of color experience and a keen eye, I can guide you towards choosing the perfect match for your special space.

Once colors have been chosen I buy small sample cans and apply them to the walls in a 2' x 2' section so that you can "live' with it for a short time, see it in different light and times of the day and get a better sense of how it will look in the room. 

It's that easy!!