I’m always aware of the importance of the "first impression." When I have to hire someone for projects in my home there’s nothing worse than being made to feel uncomfortable by the contractor or salesperson by belligerent or pushy behavior, or someone unable to make eye contact.

Your call brings me, the owner of Moonstone Painting, to your door. I am prompt, courteous, and respectful of your needs; after all, it’s your home. When I arrive for an estimate we will discuss the work you’d like done and any concerns you have. I take your information and I email you an estimate. It’s that simple.

I know that most likely you’re deciding on several painters and I am aware that I’m not the only game in town. I know price is often key but there are other important factors to consider.  You want someone to do the work well, correctly, neatly, and to leave the area cIean.  I use  Ben Moore  paint and I use the "Regal Select" line. On ceilings, I use the "Ben" line. If you’re using a very dark color (4 Base), I like to use the "Aura" line. "Aura" is Ben Moore’s top of the line paint and most expensive topping out at close to  $60 a gallon. I do NOT use lower grades or inferior brands unless you ask me to. I am open to negotiating and I will tell you that now right off the bat. If you are given a better price, please give me the option of countering.

If you accept my proposal and you would like to use my color consulting service (a one time charge of $85) I will arrange to come to your home loaded with my color books. We’ll talk about colors that you like/dislike; I’ll make recommendations based on furniture, pictures, rugs, etc and then I’ll select usually up to three color choices per room. When we agree on the choices I will buy sample cans and put them up on the wall...let you “live” with it for a day or two so you can make the  choice with which you are most comfortable.

Once we have agreed to a start date,  I usually arrive between 8 and 8:30 am.; I can be earlier if you allow me. Occasionally,  clients ask me to come at a particular time; they’re having the house cleaners in or they need to get the kids out the door and don’t want me there until everyone's gone...it’s your call.

My pledge: cover all furniture with plastic, cover all floors/rug/carpet with tarps. If there is heavy duty sanding (new construction) I will block off all door openings that lead to common areas etc. with plastic sheeting. For areas like cathedral ceilings and two-story foyers I will use scaffolding/ladders. I move all the furniture myself, either via  "elbow grease", or the “moving men” sliders. You will see this in my proposal: nail pops set and spackled, cracks taped and spackled, gaps caulked. Preparation is the key and I spend lots of time on this aspect. Any water damage your walls may show is sealed with a shellac based primer (Kilz) before painting over. New drywall and unpainted trim are primed.

Payment is easy, cash, check and all major credit cards are accepted.

I buy all the material unless you already have it and it is acceptable to my and needs. I pass along to you the 10% discount that I get from my paint store.  My rates are based on the whole job; one price: labor and material. However, it it is necessary for me to remove wallpaper, I do charge by time (hourly) and material because 90% of the time, I do not know what I will uncover beneath that paper (ie: the condition of the wall beneath the paper.)

Additionally, I can recommend several very good vendors/contractors: construction, wallpaper installation, cabinet refinishing, hardwood floor refinishing/installation, plumbing and electric.

That’s it in a nutshell. If I’ve missed something please ask me. I am happy to help.